Lets Begain

How To MS

Hello, you who are lost on the canvas to end here.

Yes , we are here on familiar terms, no fuss among computer enthusiasts, experienced or beginner with powershell.

 I automate my daily tasks because of my laziness or may be because of customer requirements 🙂 .  Since Powershell, is feature of Microsoft products and lot of company’s are looking automation because of cost , efforts , time saving and avoid manual errors. Also powershell is the way to minimize your workload and let the shell do your work. For last 10 years, i did lots of automation work and i tried to share my ideas as much as possible

This blog is to post your ideas, queries, questions, suggestions, discussion as well and i will try to help you as much as i can.

So be at home in this space, take what you think is good, criticize what deserves to be and if you have queries/questions, I would do my best to answer them.


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