How to Link images to post permalink – custom post types

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How to Link images to post permalink for all images – custom post types?

If you dont want image to be expose and it should link to post itself in wordpress blog then you can do this using “QQWorld Auto Save Images”. Actually there are multiple benefits of using “QQWorld Auto Save Images”  such as :

1> Automatically upload image to your wordpress site directory

2> Automatically set featured image , there are multiple options to do refer – featured image for the same.

3>Link images to post permalink

How can we Link images to post permalink using QQworld plugin:

Step 1 – Insatll “QQWorld Auto Save Images” plugin and activate it.

Step 2 – Go to setting in Admin panel and click on ->  “QQWorld Auto Save Images” .

Step 3 – Go to Format tab .

Step 4 – Set “link to” option to “Attachment page”


since QQworld work only with images uploaded by plugin , so If you are not using any plugin to update image then the other option is -> Click on Edit image -> on the page Set “link to” option to “Attachment page” for each image while uploading it

All Done..

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