How to enable Azure OMS maintenance mode to disable alerts during outage?

So far there is no direct option to dd single instance in maintenance mode in OMs but seems some of the feedbacks are under review with  OMS Log Analytics Team  and they may come up with the option to do so.

What are the options available in Azure OMS to suppress alerts?

1> connect / disconnect VM from OMs workspace – 

a> refer Disable-OMSmonitoring script for disable OMS monitoring using Azure automation runbook at the time of maintenance mode, you can add schedule to runbook to disable monitoring at specific time.

b> refer Enable-OMSmonitoring script for enabling OMS monitoring using Azure automation runbook once you done with maintenance,  you can also add schedule to runbook to re-enable monitoring at specific time.

1> Disable All alerts schedules in OMs workspace –  you can refer Azure Automation Runbook to enable and disable OMS Alerts blog for more detail on how to disable /enable alert schedule using azure runbook for all instances connected to OMS. i am not sure if we can disable alert for single instance using this runbook but  you can try the runbook  in case you want to disable alerts for all node.

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