Install azure automation hybrid worker on azure vm or on premises datacenter step by step

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Install azure automation hybrid worker on azure vm or on premises datacenter step by step

Where can i install Hybrid worker ?

you can install Azure hybrid worker on azure VM and perform os level remoting on vm in same subnet as far as name resolution is working

How can i install ?

There are 2 ways to install hybrid worker

1> Automated installation – just download the runbook from PowerShell Gallery directly from the computer you want to install Hybrid Runbook Worker on and execute it

2>manual installation –

a> create OMS workspace then create automation account in same RG and region

b> go to OMS workspace market place and then enable azure Automation solution in OMS workspace and connect to automation account

c> also enable hybrid worker solution so that oms can push hybrid worker module to target machine

d> then connect the target VM to OMS (from portal or you can download the OMS agent on the VM and then install it and provide OMS URI and key so that VM can connect to the OMS )

e> run below command to install hybrid worker on target VM

Import-Module HybridRegistration.psd1

Add-HybridRunbookWorker –Name <String> -EndPoint <Url> -Token <String>

NOTE- You can get the information required for this cmdlet from the Automation account ->  Keys blade in the Azure portal. Open this blade by selecting the Keys option from the Settings blade in your Automation account.

f> install required module on target vm. if you want to use azure command to connect azure and get/set AzureRMvm the install module AzureRM on worker system and then reboot the machine.

g> once you finish with all installation then the hybrid worker will be visible on automation account

for detail you can refer  – Automate resources in your data center with Hybrid Runbook Worker


How to run Azure automation job on hybrid worker? – Refer



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