How to Install wordpress with XAMPP on Windows 10 or windows server 2012, 2016 – step by step

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How to Install  wordpress with XAMPP on Windows 10 or windows server 2012, 2016 – step by step

1> login to windows machine

2> download XAMPP from, select correct version while downloading XAMPP and  its always better to select “latest-1” version of any application.

3> to install XAMPP, double click on downloaded file.

4> select apache, mysql and other tool you want based on your requirement. for wordpress we must need apache and mysql -> click on “next”

5>follow on screen instruction and click on “finish”

6> once installation is finished then you can open XAMPP control panel and install apache and mysql as service so that it will get started automatically after windows reboot. for more detail follow KB –

7> once the service installation is done then you can start the mysql and apache services

8> Download the latest version of WordPress and unzip WordPress in the C:/Program Files/XAMPP/htdocs folder and rename it as per your sitename. i have renamed mine to “WP”

9> now open mysql admin to create new database for wordpress

10> A new browser window will automatically open with the phpMyAdmin interface.

Click “Admin” to set up MySQL or go to “localhost/phpmyadmin” in your browser.
11> Click on Databases near the top-left, and you’ll be prompted to create a new database. I’ve called mine “WP.”  enter name for database and then click on “create”.
12>  Open the WP folder where you extracted WordPress -> go to the wp-config-sample.php file and rename it wp-config.php. Open the file in notepad  and update following lines with correct information like your database name , username, password.

Update your wp-config.php file with your database details.
  • Replace“database_name_here” with  your database name you created in step 11,
  • Replace “username_here” with “root” and leave “password_here” blank
  • Save the file.

13> Now lets start with wordpress installation , Open your browser and go to http://localhost/wp/ and follow on screen instruction to configure wordpress.

14> if you want to point your wordpress as default directory so that you can access it directly using http://localhost then follow BK –

Thats All.. now you are ready to access wordpress

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