Azure https trigger powershell functions is showing disabled – (disabled) functionName

Solution – : The disabled metadata property is in function.json which is suppose to determines whether a function is enabled or disabled.  to enable the azure function you need to mobify the value in function.json under the disabled function

Below are simple steps to do so :-

From Azure portal – It is very simple to change function status from portal , just open function app -> click on  “functions” and you will be able to change each function status from azure portal as below:


From Function.json file :

1>  go to azure function app and select disabled function,

2> on right side you can see the file explorer (by default it is minimized so you need to expand it )

3> expand function directory and click on function.json file

4> on middle screen you can set “Disable:” property to “false”  (small  letters) as below and then click on save button at the top.

5> now refresh the function to check the updated function status.

Thats all..

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