Error while generating new token for WVD (windows virtual desktop) hostpool using powershell.

Error –

New-AzWvdRegistrationInfo – ActivityId: 2dd13ace-dfc4-4493-9f6c-057558a10c29 Error: Cannot patch Location. current: central us new: centralus

New-AzWvdRegistrationInfo Error: Cannot patch Location
New-AzWvdRegistrationInfo Error: Cannot patch Location


1> Able to generate token from

2> Able to get existing token with Get-AzWvdRegistrationInfo command

3> Command work with other hostpools but not with the one which shows blank space in location (ie. Central US instead of CentralUS)

New-AzWvdRegistrationInfo Error: Cannot patch Location

4> Location is missing from the hostpool properties:

Solution :

based on above observation, looks like there is something missing/wrong with WVD metadata and unfortunatly we can not modity the hostpool metadata or location attribute from portal or using powershell.

1> If the hostpool dont have any production workload then try to re-create hostpool.

2> Contact MS support and see if they can make any changes in the hostpool metadata.

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